Korean Dramas: Never Gets Old

Everyone of us needs a rest from all the stress this life is giving us. I have to admit that I always need a break from all dramas in work, in household, in friends and the like. Thank God for Korean dramas and books because I’ve found an outlet in these two arts.

My love of K-dramas started way back high school. I was already fascinated with Asian dramas since it was a trend here in our country. However, this Jdorama totally strucked my attention that I had to buy a DVD to watched the first season (I started with season 2). I was talking about Hana Yori Dango, the japanese version of the very famous Meteor Garden; though a fanatic would know that all three adaptations are based in manga. I got hooked really bad. Right after I finished both two seasons I cried really hard because it’s hard for me to let go of all the characters. My love for Hanadan didn’t stop there ‘coz I repeated all episodes everyday to the point I already memorized all the scenes. I know which episode is which and even the OSTs became the soundtrack of my life.

A friend of mine found out my new found happy pill (because, duh!, I can’t stop talking about it) and told me the news that there will be a korean adaptation of this drama. And because I got curious of what this version has in stored, I watched it. Should I make it a long story then? ‘Coz by now you might know that’s how my love for korean dramas started. Don’t get me wrong, Hana Yori Dango is a much better version. That’s a personal opinion, though. But thank God for Boys Over Flowers, I got to know Lee Min Ho. *squeals*

Since then, watching Kdramas had been nonstop. I’d been in the Kpop world as well and up to now there are some singers I still follow.

Before it become a daily routine to watch new episodes and discover more dramas. But college came and my life went 360 degrees. For some reason, I opted to let go of this addiction and start focusing on my own reality. Or so that was what I thought.

I keep coming back. And I wonder what is with these dramas that I still keep coming back, searching for it.

I just love the raw and poignant plot each dramas has to offer. Though there were some meh plots, it is still tolerable to watch. There are some dramas that have a formula of cliche plots but still managed to deliver it really fresh that it becomes so easy and wonderful to watch. Watching dramas became a habit for me. It became an outlet of all the stress that I have in life. Watching these fictional characters battling life on their own fictional world makes me stronger as well, that like them I can also overcome and surpass every hurdles that there is in my own drama.

I especially love a drama when it focuses on the growth of people. Sometimes they show that not everyone is perfect but each has a story to tell. No matter how bad their attitude is, there is still a room left for salvation. There is still a room for change and for new beginnings.

I love how each dramas define the meaning of love. Let’s admit it most of the dramas are on the romance genre or if not fully romance, there’s still a touch of it. People think that their making these viewers have a high standard of love (or a man, since lots of them are chaebols) but then it’s giving us hope that whether rich or average, we can still receive that kind of love. The kind of love that sends hearts and colors in spite of problems. The love that is sacrificial and full of hope. The love that can overcome all the battles in the world.

What’s better about it is that they present their plot in a most wonderful or absurd ways. They are so creative when it comes to the plot and story. There were chaebols, boy bands, girl pretending to be a boy, aliens, high school loves, time travel and a whole lot more. Who wouldn’t be fascinated, right? There are lots of things to offer and it keeps getting better and better throughout all these years. They managed to capture a big amount of audience that sometimes I get shock when I found out that these people, who I never imagined and thought to watch dramas, is actually watching it.

Recommended Korean dramas:

Classics – My Girl, You’re Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers, Full House

For starters – Healer, I Hear Your Voice, The Best Love, City Hunter

2016 Korean Dramas (there’s a lot!) – Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds, SIGNAL, W – Two Worlds

Now, off I go! Because I still have a korean drama to marathon! Shopping King Louis, here I go!

PS. I might talk about my fascination in books once I’m done with the two books that I’m reading.



  1. I’m currently watching Shopping King Louis too! I hope the uncle gets caught in the end though. For allll the mess he’s created! You should watch drinking solo and moon lovers too! ๐Ÿ˜€


    • I’m on episode 10 right now and the couple is just so sweet and adorable! And thanks for your recommendation! I’m actually thinking to binge watch drinking solo as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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