I’m standing in between of positivity and negativity.

I want to live. I want to learn. I want to see things differently.

I want to know more about people, about life.

I’m standing at the edge of positivity.

Every situation can be use for greater purpose.

Every experience can be added to my wisdom.

Stories about different people makes me realize how complicated but wonderful this life can be.

I’m standing at the edge of negativity.

I am nowhere. I am floating on the unknown.

I have plans. I don’t know how to start.

I’ve started, but it wasn’t given to me.

I laid out my plans, set a goal for myself.

How hard it is to reach the goal.


Why can’t I have it?

I’m optimistic but at the same time, a pessimistic.

How messed up this world if you think about it.

But when you experience a bliss, it lingers a lot.

Setting aside the cruelness and reality. Staying in the little bubble,

praying someone won’t burst it.

I’m standing.

I’m fighting.

No matter how tired I am.

No matter how cruel is everything else.

I will stand.

Look for the purpose, that has long been vanished.

Finding a new one.

And so I stand.

At the edge,

At Life.