Wallow Wednesdays

wallow v. indulge in an unrestrained way in(something that creates a pleasurable sensation)

I’m trying really best to post an entry in this blog, whether it be about K-dramas, books or anything about my life. However, these past few months it’s just so hard to come up with ideas and words on what to write. Sometimes I think my capacity to write is slowly taking its toll. It’s just so hard to weave words again, to come up with beautifully crafted words that will create a meaningful post.

Hence, an idea popped into mind. This will give me freedom to unravel the deepest pit in my heart and put all into it in words. Wallow Wednesdays is like a weekly diary about everything that is happening to me. It’s like dumping here everything that’s on my mind. There are no specific topics; just anything that will spur out of the moment.

Why Wednesdays?

First, it’s one of my rest days from work. So I have plenty of time to write because this is my day.

Second, it’s the middle of the week. Okay. It’s really nothing special about it but there’s something exhilarating about the fact that there’s some things that happened already, whether good and bad,  and more great things awaits you before the week ends. Hey, it’s not too bad to be optimistic, right?

And so, Wallow Wednesdays was born!

Topics will vary depending on my mood, but expect to read more about K-dramas, K-actors, books, songs, work or about life itself.

So if you happened to stumble this blog and read this post, you’re actually gonna find out who I really am, what my thoughts are, and what am I feeling as of the moment. If you can relate to all my dramas and even fangirling stuff in life, feel free to share your thoughts as well.

PS. I was planning to merge the intro and the first post of Wallow Wednesdays, but just decided (out of the spur of the moment) to separate it so I can write more!

See you on my first post!

With love,




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