The Catastrophe of the Mind

It was supposed to be a normal Sunday afternoon for her — lying down on the bed while browsing her social media accounts as if there’s something thoroughly interesting on her News Feed and timeline. The neighborhood is blasting old songs that makes her feel plethora of emotions. The songs are her jam. The songs brings her back to her youth—the dreamer she once was and now is out of sight.

“Are you going to stay inside? It’s time to go out now.” her housemate knocked on her door and makes a futile attempt to get her out of the Main Room. She felt a sense of concern coming from her roommate and was about to feel a foreign sensation so she immediately brushed it off.

She’s been staying inside her Main Room for three centuries now. This place is her sanctuary. She has comfort, peace and nonchalance everytime she’s in the Main Room. On her first month, she tried to go out but the tranquility that she is trying to protect instantly vanish as soon as she go out. It was chaos everywhere in the House. The Living Room is so filthy that all kinds of insects reside on the sofa, on the table and even on the appliances. She ran to the Kitchen so she can be safe as the insects notice her presence and tried to eat her, but the kitchen is not safe as well. A small fire that came on the stove slowly becomes gigantic right in front of her eyes and is about to devour her. It was suffocating but she managed to get out. She didn’t even notice the tears that keeps on falling off her eyes because the sight of what was going on is frightening. She wants to go back to her Main Room but it was too hard to do. The House is slowly being infected by doom and disaster. Constant fear made a home in her heart and it made her mental state in the brink of insanity. She looked for her housemate to ask for help. She keeps on screaming for her name. The housemate respond but that was just it. No help came from her. As it turns out, her housemate is in the Bathroom, being sucked by the toilet-like-monster, screaming and crying for help. But she cannot come closer to the Bathroom. There’s so many insects in front of her waiting for her to move. 

The sight and scenario she had gone through when she was out is such a terror that she vows not to get out of her Main Room again.

“I will never go out of again.” she mustered. 

She stayed in her Main Room until the present time. Her housemate was safe from the monster in the Bathroom. She decided to checked up on her but she was too scared of the outside. She is still distress because of the House especially when she found out that the chaos haven’t stopped. It stayed there.

My housemate keeps on knocking. “It is better outside now. The insects are slowly dying and there’s no more fire in the Kitchen.” she said, trying to woo her to go out.

“I don’t feel safe anymore in the House. I only feel safe in my Main Room. I will never get out of here.” she replied to her housemate.

“You have to come out because it’s not what you think of anymore. The House is safe now. It just keeps on getting better and better.” 

“I don’t believe you. Just leave me alone!” she shouted.

The music from her neighborhood is gone. The voice of her housemate is gone. It is just her all alone again and the voices in her mind. “Just don’t do anything. Just stay still. The Main Room is the haven. The Mind is the King. You are being protected from the malicious monster that is roaming in your House.” The words started to rumble like a woe of echoes repeatedly circling inside her mind.

Tranquility is friend.

Chaos is enemy.

Serene is the Main Room.

Destruction is the House.

Listen to the voices—it’s your breeze in the dark.

Trust no one—they are despair out of the light.

Stay in the Main Room and never get out. One does not know what is currently happening in the House. Be lost in your universe. Be joyful in the alternative. 

Yes, that’s right.

Stay, don’t go out.

Be forever in the cosmos that is made perfectly for you.


Once upon a time we were filled with hopes and dreams, assuring ourselves that when we got to the future there is nothing but bliss and success. When we’re still young we were beaming with happiness knowing that we have laid out our plans and start chasing our dreams. Fast forward to now and we realized that life is not colorful. It’s black and white. We have to fill different colors as we go on and live this journey. We are awakened and slapped by the truth that this life will not be beautiful on its own. All our plans will not be fulfilled. There are surprising twists and turns. There are people who we thought will stay with us forever, but will just really passed by.

It’s not always happiness. It’s waking up every morning and telling to self that let’s just go through with it and sleep. Repeat.

How to finish this..

How to stop this…




Gureumi’s Playlist 01

So what makes me appreciate music?

If that song connects to my heart, my mood and to what I’m feeling, if that song can give me all sorts of emotions even if it’s just a melody, then I most probably found the music that feeds my soul.

I can easily be pleased when it comes to music. I can love the song just by the tune of it and I can even love it more if the message of the lyrics speak to me.

So here’s the ten songs that’s included in my first playlist of this blog:

  1. Come Back Home – BTS
  2. Thursday Night – Urban Zakapa ft. Beenzino
  3. Cool Down – James Reid
  4. On Top – James Reid ft. Sam Concepcion, King WAW
  5. Burnout – Sugarfree
  6. Ikaw Pala – Sugarfree
  7. With Me – Vanilla Acoustic
  8. ILYSB – Lany
  9. Palette – IU
  10. dlwlrma – IU


These songs are on the loop and I’m not getting tired of listening to it. You can try searching the songs in Youtube or Spotify. Half of it are of Kpop genre but believe me, those are really good songs. It’s even better because of the lyrics.

There’s no specific date on when will I post my playlist. If I grew fond with a bunch of songs, then I might be able to share it here.


Korean Dramas: First Impression

I’m getting more and more hyped up with all these Kdramas airing right now. So, I just want to add my two cents on the dramas that I’m currently watching and these might help you find your drama to-watch as well.


Circle: Two Worlds Connected – Thrilling. Unpredictable. Gripping. Always keeping me at the edge of my seat. This show is one of my favorites among the ongoing dramas that I’m watching. I am not a fan of sci-fi or dystopian genre but the plot and the way this show presents its story to the viewers is what’s keeping me hook. I am as both enthralled with the two different worlds and I just badly want to know how things happened that led to the present/Brave New World Era. This Kdrama is a sci-fi but I love that there is still a touch of humanity in the storyline. Is losing memory, both the bad and good ones, the only way for the people to have a safe and peaceful lives?

Fight my Way – I’m still thinking if I am liking this show, but the premise of “bestfriends turning into lovers” is the reason why I’m watching it. The two leads’ chemistry is undeniable and I always love their banters and how they truly care with each other. I’m not yet interested with Dong Man’s taekwando arc yet I’m loving Ae Ra’s arc re: Announcer dream. For me, the magic of this show is the characters’ having normal lives, experiencing dilemmas that are realistic and relatable. So yeah, I’ll keep on watching it.

Lookout – I am quite frustrated with all the injustice but I am loving chemistry of the squad. The lead woman is a badass, but sometimes I don’t like how she acts rashly because of emotions. I love Bo Mi’s arc, which is the focus of the show right now. I am quite intrigue with the leader, and if you’re a viewer you probably know by now. I love how the actor (forgots his name, silly me) shifts from being playful, to edgy, to being mysterious. Will he really be loyal to the squad, or just plainly using them for revenge?

Suspicious Partner – My drama crack. Such a Ji Chang Wook fest. Ji Chang Wook. Ji Chang Wook. Ji Chang Wook. I am not buying most of the comedic antics but the romance is just captivating. The mystery/thriller side is not fully on the loop but I’m interested as well. I am quite afraid that something will go wrong with the characters. The murderer is just so creepy. I’m on the ride for the romance.. and the bromance. And oh, please, can someone shut off Yoo Jung and her hoobae? They’re pissing me off.

I’m planning to watch Duel and The Best Hit next. Oh geez. I just hope I can manage to watch all of them. All four ongoing dramas are just oh so good and now I can’t let them go.

Now, who says I need sleep? Bring it on!