Gureumi’s Playlist 02

It’s a K-indie kind of music for me this past week! I just enjoyed the melody of the songs and the melancholic vibe it gives me whenever I listened to those songs.

You can search the songs in Spotify or Youtube.

  1. You, Who – Eric Nam
  2. Moai – Urban Zakapa (originally sang by Seo Taiji)
  3. I Don’t Want – Jung Key (ft. So Jung of Ladies’ Code)
  4. Like a Dream – Ben
  5. Summer Night You and I – Standing Egg
  6. That Kind of Night – Urban Zakapa
  7. Friday – IU (ft. Jang Yi-jeong)
  8. That XX – Sam Kim
  9. Your Song  Sam Kim
  10. Coincidence – Urban Zakapa

Hope you’ll enjoy this second playlist! 🙂

Gureumi’s Playlist 01

So what makes me appreciate music?

If that song connects to my heart, my mood and to what I’m feeling, if that song can give me all sorts of emotions even if it’s just a melody, then I most probably found the music that feeds my soul.

I can easily be pleased when it comes to music. I can love the song just by the tune of it and I can even love it more if the message of the lyrics speak to me.

So here’s the ten songs that’s included in my first playlist of this blog:

  1. Come Back Home – BTS
  2. Thursday Night – Urban Zakapa ft. Beenzino
  3. Cool Down – James Reid
  4. On Top – James Reid ft. Sam Concepcion, King WAW
  5. Burnout – Sugarfree
  6. Ikaw Pala – Sugarfree
  7. With Me – Vanilla Acoustic
  8. ILYSB – Lany
  9. Palette – IU
  10. dlwlrma – IU


These songs are on the loop and I’m not getting tired of listening to it. You can try searching the songs in Youtube or Spotify. Half of it are of Kpop genre but believe me, those are really good songs. It’s even better because of the lyrics.

There’s no specific date on when will I post my playlist. If I grew fond with a bunch of songs, then I might be able to share it here.